Tree trimmers are often happy to drop truckloads of their chipped tree trimmings for free. We mulch our yard with about twenty truckloads a year! Mulch helps control weeds and moisture, and looks pretty good too. We source our mulch from a couple different companies in the area. It helps to tip them, remember a dumptruck load of regular mulch costs about $425 delivered!

Spring Pruning

Here comes the heat! We finished our spring pruning getting ready for heavy growth. Anything that isn’t fruiting was trimmed heavily, even some that are (tamarind, jackfruit). By doing heavy pruning now it allows the spring and summer growth to go where you want it instead of where you don’t! Annona species fruit better when pruned right out of their winter dormancy period. Good spring pruning followed by light maintenance and shaping trims throughout spring and summer keeps trees manageable and productive!

Foliar Fertilizing Time

We sprayed our trees today with our monthly foliar application of nutrients. We use a mix of PhytoFos, SoAg’s Citrus Nutritional Spray, Millers 20-20-20 w/ micros, and Class Act as an adjuvant. We mix the first three in ¾ strength to prevent any overages. This mix has been amazing in creating really healthy trees!

Sulfur Application

We applied 100lbs of pelletized sulfur this evening. Sulfur slowly helps adjust soil pH to a lower value helping to acidify it. By lowering pH the tropical fruit trees have an easier time absorbing nutirents from the soil and even mineral rich well water. We have been applying it in our yard for three years now and are happy with the effects!

Its Time To Fertilize!

Its that time of year! We just applied a yard wide application of Nurserymen’s SureGro 8-2-12-14 with a Lesco Commercial spreader on a basic lawn fertilizer setting. We followed that up with the same stuff applied a little heavier (1/2 cup per trunk inch) around each tree in and out of the root zone area.

Winter Is Nearly Here!

This is the time to prepare for unexpected cold snaps! Smaller less established trees are very susceptible to frost damage/death. Jakfruit and other semi-subtropicals are the first to be damaged! BE PREPARED!!

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