Summer is winding down..

Its sad to see summer winding down, the kids are back to school! Now is a wonderful time to get fruit trees in the ground, September is usually rainy and hot, perfect weather for establishment.

If you have any tipping and pruning to do, August is the latest you want to do it, anything later will effect next years fruiting season.  Be sure to have rope and stakes ready in case we have a significant weather event.  We nearly lost two larger in ground trees to an afternoon windstorm!  We hope everyone has had a great summer! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Back In Business!

After a three week break we are back in business! We finally upgraded the little Ford Ranger to meet the demands of the nursery. We look forward to delivering the trees that many of you have patiently awaited! Call us today to schedule.

Mango Multigraft Update! (05-06-2013)

Here’s the latest pictures of the best of the successful grafts of different varieties of mango on existing mango trees in our yard. We plan to add five varieties to each of our ten existing trees creating sixty varieties in our half acre yard. Each of these grafts will eventually produce different mangoes (different flavors, shapes, sizes, and seasons!). As the tree gets bigger each section of the upper canopy becomes it’s own “tree” with new growth colors varying from area to area.

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